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OCAP Community Organizing Course – Call for Participants - September 2014

The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty is holding a course to offer people some of the knowledge and skills they will need to mobilize in their communities to resist poverty and austerity. Since the last course, OCAP has fought for more shelter beds, a women's drop in, for a raise to social assistance rates, against cuts to ODSP and against gentrification and policing in the downtown East.

DTE Community Forum – TAVIS in the Neighbourhood

Download the Poster for this event HERE,
And Download the Flyer for this event HERE!

DTE Community Forum – TAVIS in the Neighbourhood
Thursday August 7, 2014
6pm - Community meal
6:30 - 7:30 - Forum
7:30 – 8pm - Social - tea/coffee and desserts
40 Oak St - C.R.C.*
*This space is accessible and has accessible washrooms

Toronto's Downtown East Community is currently being targeted by TAVIS (Toronto Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy) from June 18 -September 8. While governments pay to send additional police into the neighbourhood – they refuse to provide the resources for the things that are actually needed.

We need decent and affordable housing, jobs that pay a living wage and incomes for people on welfare and disability that enable them to live in health and dignity.
We need opportunities, training/education and jobs for youth.
We do not need to be traumatized and criminalized by police harassment.
We need an end to targeted policing, an end to racial profiling and an end to police violence.

The people most directly affected by this attack include, people of colour, families and youth, people who use drugs, poor people, sex workers, and homeless people.

We need to come together in solidarity to challenge and defeat this attack. We need to make demands and organize for what our communities really need. We will not be priced, policed or pushed out of our

Ontario Government Launches Major Attack on ODSP

The Wynne Government has begun a Province wide drive to review the entitlement to benefits of thousands of people on ODSP. The Lankin Sheikh Report that the Government commissioned urges that a 'backlog' of 30,000 cases should be subject to an accelerated medical review process and it appears that this is being acted upon. Staff have been transferred for this purpose and the reviews may move at a rate of 600 cases a month.

*Updated* River Run 2014: Walk with Grassy Narrows for clean water and Indigenous rights

River Run 2014: Walk with Grassy Narrows for clean water and Indigenous rights

Water is sacred. Defend indigenous sovereignty.
DONATE to help the Grassy Narrows Women's Drum Group travel to Toronto for the River Run.


Update: Creating Safer Spaces for Street-involved women in Toronto

Support needed at Budget Committee: Wednesday August 6th

For almost a year, we have been fighting for safe space – shelter/24hour/after hour drop-ins for street-involved women in Toronto. This issue came to the forefront after the assault of a woman who was sleeping outside at the corner of Dundas and Sherbourne in September 2013 – she was sexually assaulted twice in one night by two different men. That same night, as is the case on many nights, the emergency shelter system was packed, and few options remain for women on the streets to find a safer place to rest, check-in, or get supplies and support. That lack of space has put the lives and safety of low income, homeless women and street-based sex workers at risk.

Impending Police Sweep of Downtown East an Attack on a Poor Community

Impending Police Sweep of Downtown East an Attack on a Poor Community
-Statement from the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty-

Between June 16 and September 8, the area between Wellesley and Queen, Church and Parliament will be the focus of an ongoing police sweep, involving dozens of officers and organized under the auspices of the Toronto Anti Violence Intervention Strategy (TAVIS). They are bringing in an additional 24 constables and 12 staff sergeants on both foot and bike.

Community Responds to TAVIS in Toronto's DTE

Community Responds to TAVIS in Toronto's DTE

Yesterday, Monday June 16th, residents and community organizations held a press conference to demand an end to police sweeps in the Downtown East, to stop police harassment of those who live here and to let the police know that they are not going to let them roam the streets with impunity. Their patrols will be monitored and their abuses challenged.

They Call It Struggle For A Reason - Spring 2014

In this edition:
- Social Assistance Victory, Risks and Resistance
- Victory: Under Pressure, City of Toronto opens Warming Centre at Metro Hall
- Victory: 24 Hour Drop-in Centres for Women in Toronto: Fighting back against violence
- Disabled People Against the Cuts Tour
- Six reasons to oppose the Pan Am Games
- Bad Gas Ontario - Fight the Hike
- Provincial Election 2014
- May Day - Celebrating International Worker’s Day
- Respect for Trans People in Ontario
- The Housing Stabilization Fund: What You Need to Know
- Homeless Shelters in Toronto Desperately Overcrowded
- Battle for the Downtown East

Click here to view the publication.

Wynne Government Backs Away From Plans To Merge ODSP and OW

Wynne Government Backs Away From Plans To Merge ODSP and OW

On Thursday April 3, 2014 The Minister of Community and Social Services told the Ontario Legislature that his Government would not be merging the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) and Ontario Works (OW). ‘We’ve heard loud and clear that this is not the way to go’, he said, in grudging recognition of the outpouring of community outrage and action that met this proposal of the Commission for the Review of Social Assistance in Ontario.

That the Wynne Liberals have thought better of merging ODSP and OW is a considerable victory that we should take heart from. However, it would be a mistake to think that the threat to ODSP is now removed. First of all, the future of the Liberal Government is somewhat shaky. Should they go down to electoral defeat in the near future, the merger might reappear as a threat and certainly would if the Hudak Tories were in power. Even more to the point, an attack on disability benefits could still be carried out without combining the two benefit systems. The above-mentioned report calls for increased reviews of ODSP claims and assessments, such as we’ve seen in the UK, remain as the main threat to the rights and income of disabled people. Forcing a huge chunk of people who presently qualify for ODSP to scramble for the lowest paying jobs on offer is in line with the plans for austerity based ‘reform’ that is unfolding in a whole number of countries, including this one.

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