Appeal to Allies for September 21 Rally for Shelters

Image description: Signs and banners bearing the names of people who have died on the streets of Toronto are attached to a red brick building during an OCAP action in November, 2014

OCAP Needs Support and Solidarity in its September Action to Challenge Social Cleansing of Toronto's Homeless

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The Executive Committee of Toronto City Council is being asked to endorse a plan to move hundreds of homeless beds out of the City's downtown east. If they go ahead and close the shelters on George Street, the chances are overwhelming that such replacements as are found will be located in outlying areas. The 124 bed Hope Shelter at College and McCaul closed in April and no replacement has yet been found.

Enormous community pressure has led to small measures to reduce lethal overcrowding in the homeless shelters but the City is still not implementing its policy of keeping occupancy at levels of 90% or less. Now, they intend to make things worse by driving facilities out of the downtown so as to further the agenda of upscale redevelopment.

We plan to gather at City Hall on the 21st and take decisive action to challenge the political decision makers on their agenda of austerity, abandonment and social cleansing. We are asking for support from allies in a number of ways.

• Unions and community organizations who want to show support are invited to endorse the action

• Supporters who want to help us find the resources necessary for outreach, food and transportation costs are urged to fund the fightback:

• If you have a vehicle and could help us bring people to City Hall on the day, please let us know.

• Come out on the 21st and join our action. Bring your signs and banners

The immediate fight we are taking up is against the attack on the homeless but this is part of a broader struggle against John Tory's plans to create a fully fledged neoliberal city in Toronto. Workers and communities under attack who want to attend our action will be welcome to raise the issues and injustices they are confronting and to contribute to the building of a united movement for a very different Toronto to the one the regime in City Hall is busy creating.