A Birthday Message to OCAP from DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts - UK)

Image description: Picture of DPAC logo (4 fists of different colors grabbing the sides of a circle with a black triangle reading DPAC in the middle) banner on a fence outside the Royal Court of Justice. The banner reads DISABLED PEOPLE AGAINST CUTS "RIGHTS NOT CHARITY"

In these bleak times of austerity, pleasurable duties are rare, but the sending of birthday congratulations to our friends and allies in Ontario Coalition Against Poverty is one to enjoy and savour.

Disabled People Against Cuts have forged a friendship and an alliance built on solidarity and respect over years. OCAP have demonstrated in support of DPAC campaigns and we have demonstrated online in support of OCAP campaigns. Our speaker Ellen Clifford has visited OCAP and found a warm welcome from you all.

Though we are separated by an ocean our aims are the same. Our activists share with yours the same feelings in their hearts. We share a deep sadness at the effects of the cruelty of austerity. We share an anger at the injustice and harm. We share a determination to fight to secure social justice for all.

And we share a bloody mindedness and commitment to be a thorn in the arse of the perpetrators of the atrocities of austerity.

We hope that you can draw strength from our support, just as we do from your support. And on your next protests we want you to know that we are with you in spirit every time.

And so we wish you a very happy Twenty-fifth Birthday and a magnificent party on the 28th November.

Yours in Solidarity, Friendship and Respect,

The Disabled People Against Cuts Steering Group