Talking About Social Justice: OCAP Speaking Series - September 15


3rd Thursday of every month
40 Oak St. (East of Parliament, South of Gerrard)

Free Event with: Dinner, Childcare, Wheelchair Access, Tokens

September 15th - Toronto's Poor: A Rebellious History
Speakers: Gaetan Heroux & Bryan Palmer

- How have Toronto's poor fought back?
- What have they historically fought for?
- What did they accomplish?

Join Gaetan Heroux & Bryan Palmer who will be talking about their book coming out this fall which documents more than 180 years of resistance by Toronto's poor and unemployed. Come and hear how Toronto's poor organized and used direct-action tactics such as relief strikes, occupations of relief offices, the taking over of empty buildings, and massive disruptions at city hall - to fight for higher relief rates, better living conditions in hostels, and affordable housing.

Audio from our August Speakers Series on Basic Income is now available, click here to listen!

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Once a month, join OCAP for a new, free speaking series on a bunch of topics central to organizing around poor people's issues! A new topic will be presented every month and all events are open to the public. Come on out, invite your friends and please share widely!

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