ODSP Rates

ODSP rates are painfully low, while higher than welfare, they are still too low. That is why we are fighting to Raise The Rates.

Every welfare cheque is made up of 2 parts, basic needs and shelter. You will get the maximum amount of basic needs but only the amount for shelter that your rent is – up to the maximum.

* these rates may be a few dollars off. We had to calculate them ourselves based on the old rates because the Ministry hasn't bothered to put up the new rates.

If you have kids, You will only get money for them in the shelter portion of your cheque. The rest of your money for your kids come from the Ontario Child Benefit or Transitional Child Benefit. You will only get money for your kids on the basic needs portion if you have a new baby because it takes a few months to process the OCB.

Extra Money - There are couple of benefits that will help you get more money on your cheque. The most commonly available benefits that people use to get extra money are:

Special diet
Community Start-Up
Employment Start-Up