OCAP Occupies Second Floor of City Hall to Protest Loss of Shelter Beds in Downtown East!

Image description: OCAP members occupy the rotunda of Toronto City Hall, draping a pink banner reading WE WILL NOT BE PUSHED OUT over the side of the railing

OCAP Members Occupy Rotunda at City Hall as Council Approves George Street "Revitalization"

Hundreds of people attended an OCAP rally today at Toronto City Hall that culminated in an occupation of the second floor rotunda and the area in front of Mayor Tory's office. As expected, Council approved the George Street Redevelopment plan that will see hundreds of beds eliminated from the George Street corridor, a loss that will prove devastating as shelters all over the city are already stretched far beyond the 90% occupancy rate that the City itself considers at capacity. OCAP and our allies will be organizing around this issue in the months and years to come, as Council and the developers they serve seek to forcibly eject poor and homeless people from the downtown core they have called home for generations. We will be coming back to City Hall and, as today's opening shot in this ongoing battle illustrated, we will be mobilizing people from all over Toronto to fight back against the gentrification agenda that will see shelter services decimated and homeless people exiled to the suburbs or dying on the street. Beds lost are lives lost and we will not stand idly by while Council whittles away shelter services.