When Can Your Worker Come In Your Home?

If you cannot go into the office for health reasons, you can request home visits.

If you do not request home visits, a worker can come to your home with or without notice. This was put in place to make sure that people aren't 'scamming' the system by living with someone they say they aren't or another terrible welfare offence. While it doesn't happen very often, it means that workers can act like cops and violate your privacy. We say it's got to stop. Until then, there are limitations to their power.

These visits are supposed to take place within office hours. They cannot enter your house without your permission but if you don't let them in without a good reason, they can cut you off. Good reasons to refuse are that someone in the house or yourself is ill, if you are caring for a disabled child or a lot of children and you do not have childcare, you have guests (your being on assistance is private), it interferes with religious practice (eg. it is a religious holiday, you are praying, etc.).

Workers cannot search your house, they can only look at things in plain sight. That means that they cannot open drawers, cupboards, etc.