MARCH ON CITY HALL! OPEN NEW EMERGENCY SHELTERS NOW! Wednesday, February 17, 11AM, Queen & Sherbourne

Image description: A black and white depiction of a bus shelter. On the side is written "City of Toronto Official Bus Shelter". The word bus is crossed out and replaced with the word 'homeless'. A picture of John Tory with his fingers making a V-sign is below the writing, next to the words "Brought to you by Mayor John Tory"


March on City Hall

Wednesday, February 17
Assemble: Queen and Sherbourne, 11.00 AM
Soup Provided

Anyone who tries to find a bed within the Toronto homeless shelter system is fully aware that it is in a crisis of overcrowding. During the week of January 18, OCAP members and allies visited the City warming centres and interfaith Out of the Cold shelters that function as a back up for the overloaded system. We spoke to people using these places and volunteers in them. What we found more than confirmed our worst fears.

People are being packed into spaces that, despite the best efforts of those running them, are unable to meet the need. The facilities are inadequate, the demand for them is too great, and people are being turned away.

OCAP will soon release a report on its findings. Drawing from first hand accounts and empirical evidence, the report aims to challenge the ongoing assault on the health and dignity of those who access the shelter system, and challenge the City to provide desperately needed measures to address the situation. Significantly, the report will provide readers with crucial details as to the grave reality of the shelter crisis in Toronto. Space must be opened and the City's policy of keeping shelter occupancy at a maximum of 90% enforced. The federal government armouries that have been opened in the past to the homeless must again be made available an emergency measure.

On February 17, we will deliver our report to the politicians at City Hall. Please come out and join us on that day.

Download outreach materials here:
Feb. 17 poster (8.5x11)
Feb. 17 poster (11x17)
Feb. 17 leaflet (8.5x11, double sided