There are three ways to money for transportation:

Medical Transportation
You can get money if you regularly have medical appointments. In order to get this money, get your doctor to write you a note saying how often you have to attend medical appointments a week. If you need to take a taxi, get your doctor to put that in the note. If you have a car, ODSP will pay $0.18/km. Your doctor can write them for all of your appointments, rather than getting one from every different person you see.

They will only issue the money if it adds up to more than $15 a month for your family and, in Toronto, not more than the cost of a Metro Pass per person (right now it is $109 but expect that to go up- it always does).

Appointments with the following are considered medical appointments: physician, optometrist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, dentist, dental surgeon, dental technician, dental hygienist, denturist, optician, dietitian, medical radiation technologist, massage therapist, midwife, nurse, pharmacist, speech language pathologist, audiologist, medical laboratory technologist, psychologist, respiratory technologist, chiropractor, chiropodist, or podiatrist or Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous and recovery programs if you have a recommendation from a doctor or psychiatrist.

Out of town
ODSP can pay for travel, accommodation and meals if you have to travel and stay overnight for medical treatment, as well as for someone who accompanies you, if this is necessary.

Volunteer and Training Transportation
This benefit depends on the municipality you live in. In Toronto and many towns and cities, you can get money for transportation if you volunteer somewhere or if you are doing a training program.

You should get $100 in Toronto for a Metro Pass, even though the actual cost is $109. It is ridiculous that they don't give you the full amount. However, in Toronto, if you get medical transportation money or if you get some money for each, you get the extra $9.

In Toronto, you usually need to get a form filled out by the organization you are volunteering for or doing the program with. It is typically expected to be with a registered non-profit and 70 hrs a month for volunteer programs. However, if you are applying for ODSP or if you have 'limited participation' because of a 'temporary' illness, you can get the full amount for doing as little as 2 hours a week.

If you are getting some money for medical transportation, you can also get volunteer transportation money. If you get both, you will get $109 a month.