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Under the Harris Tories and McGunity Liberals, hundreds of thousands of people in Ontario have seen the spending power of their social assistance cheques fall by 40%. People can only pay their rent by going without proper food. They can only put food on the table by facing the threat of eviction from their housing.

Throughout 2005, OCAP worked to sign up thousands for the Special Diet. Supportive medical providers helped them to access an extra $250 a month to protect their health and to obtain adequate nutrition without spending the rent on groceries.

The McGuinty Government has now slashed the Special Diet and ensured that these people will be returned to hunger and ill health. We are demanding the reversal of this vicious measure and a 40% increase in social assistance rates in the next Provincial Budget later in the Spring.

Please sign our online petition to McGuinty and do all you can to encourage others to follow your example.

Premier McGuinty:

Your Government has not addressed the poverty and hunger of hundreds of thousands of people in Ontario who must try to survive on welfare and disability payments.

The grossly inadequate 2% increase in social assistance rates that you have provided in the 2006 budget fails to address the massive 40% loss in real income for the poor that has taken place over the last ten years. Indeed, by breaking your election pledge to index welfare income to the rate of inflation, you have created a situation where the poor will become poorer under your Government than they were in the days of Mike Harris.

Your Minister of Community and Social Services, Sandra Pupatello, has just gutted the Special Diet Supplement. This allowed experienced medical providers to diagnose food allowances that would protect the health of those that governments (yours included) have legislated into poverty.

We, the undersigned, call upon your Government to restore the Special Diet Supplement and to grant a 40% increase in social assistance rates.

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