OCAP | Casework
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty is a direct action anti-poverty organization that fights for more shelter beds, social housing, and a raise in social assistance rates.
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Direct action casework is one of the ways that we help fight for what we need. We have been helping people on social assistance with welfare and ODSP problems for years. We help people face their workers when they are getting cut off and when they are being paid less than they deserve. Whether this means bringing 20 people to pound on the doors of Metro Hall, or talking to a worker on the phone, we’re game. In a world where people have fallen upon social assistance as their only means of survival, we fight with pride to ward off the bullies at the welfare/ODSP office.

OCAP’s strategy of direct action casework has been so successful that we rarely have to do case actions. Welfare and ODSP usually just give what people are entitled to because they don’t want a group of people to go and disrupt their office. We do have to go down to offices sometimes and when we do, the more people who can come, the better.

You can visit our links page for legal clinics and other resources if you have an non-social assistance issue you need help with.