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Ontario Coalition Against Poverty is a direct action anti-poverty organization that fights for more shelter beds, social housing, and a raise in social assistance rates.
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Help Fund The Fightback – Donate Now!

Although OCAP operates on a very modest budget, with two organizers, the operation of a downtown Toronto office, and a multitude of related expenses, we only just manage to scrape by. There are two ways you can support us:

1. Become a monthly sustainer

Sustainers donate a set amount each month which enables us to keep doing the casework and organizing that we do. Every dollar you donate helps us put more money the pockets of poor people.

To sign up, either mail us a void cheque and indicate the amount you’d like to contribute monthly, or call us at the office at 416-925-6939 to provide the necessary details over the phone. Once we have it setup, your monthly contribution is automatically debited from your account and deposited into ours.

Monthly sustainers allow us to plan better, and spend less time fundraising and more time organizing, so please consider becoming one.

2. Send us one-time contributions

You can send us one-time donations by mailing us a cheque, or emailing an interac e-transfer to ocapto@riseup.net.

*New*: We can now accept interac e-transfers, which means you can email us money if you have online banking. To do so send an e-transfer to ocapto@riseup.net 

For more information call us at 416-925-6939 or email ocapto@riseup.net.

Buy OCAP Stuff

25 Years of Fighting to Win:
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Includes snap-shots of OCAP’s iconic actions and events. Soft-cover, featuring curated colour and black white photos, an ode to our history, beautifully designed and printed. Support OCAP and look awesome doing it in this red shirt. Three crows with OCAP flag. Available in SM, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. Grey shirt with tent village at base of walled-off city for the rich. Available in SM, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.

To buy OCAP stuff, email * and let us know what you would like and your postal code. We will tell you the postage and send it to you once we receive the payment.