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Ontario Coalition Against Poverty is a direct action anti-poverty organization that fights for more shelter beds, social housing, and a raise in social assistance rates.
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Sites with Useful Information for Poor People:

Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario – Information about tenant rights.

CANLII – Legislation, regulations and caselaw for the federal government and provinces.

Community Legal Education Ontario – Legal information about social assistance, housing and other issues.

Federation of Metro Tenants Associations – Information about tenant rights. You can also call the tenant hotline (anyone in Ontario) 416-921-9494.

Income Security Advocacy Centre – Information about social assitance in Ontario, including policy changes and social assistance rates.

Legal Aid Clinic Locator – Find your local community legal clinic in Ontario.

Government Sites Poor People Often Need:

Housing Connections – Apply to them to get on the list for social housing.

Legal Aid Ontario – Provide lawyers to poor people for some legal issues.

Ontario Landlord Tenant Board – The Board that handles landlord-tenant disputes. You should contact your legal clinic or the FMTA first (both are above).

Ministry of Community and Social Services OW and ODSP Information – Provincial information about social assistance.

Social Benefits Tribunal – They hear appeals for ODSP applications and other social assistance issues. You should contact your community legal clinic first. If they can’t take your case, you can ask for a letter that says they can’t represent you and take that letter to legal aid. You have a right to a lawyer for an ODSP appeal and a number of other appeals at this Tribunal.

Toronto Employment and Social Services Policy – The rules for Ontario Works (welfare), including the Housing Stabilization Fund for everyone in Toronto on ODSP and OW.

Workplace Safety Insurance Board – They handle issues if you were injured at work.