OCAP | Welfare
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty is a direct action anti-poverty organization that fights for more shelter beds, social housing, and a raise in social assistance rates.
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Onatrio Works, or welfare, keeps recipients barely surviving, without providing nearly enough to pay rent or buy food. You’re forced to apply for the worst jobs that exist, take insult and humiliation from your worker, and allow your most personal details to be put on the government’s computers. To top it off, when you try to make some money on the side or find other sources of income, you’re punished with deductions, getting cut-off, and having the cops investigate you for fraud. 

We know that we need a raise in the rates. We also know that people on welfare can sometimes get more money than they are getting because they don’t know about the benefits they are entitled to.

If you apply for something and are denied, get it in writing. After that, give us a call if you live in Toronto because we might be able to help you with direct action casework (outside of Toronto, get in touch with your community legal clinic).